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Listen to my story. This maybe be our last chance.
Listen to my story. This maybe be our last chance.

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"In a world without gold, we might have been heroes."

These were the famous last words spat out by Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, as he was cut down by English swordsmen in Black Flag. The full gravity of these words hadn’t hit me until only now, after reading the book. It was a nostalgic comment referring to his and Kenway’s past lives as privateers together before coming pirates.

This hit me so hard. :’( Such a well written book/game.

Can I ask for a sivir and azir fic where sivir catches one of azir's dad jokes and throws it back at him.




Azir doesn’t much care for this restaurant. For one thing, it’s billed as Shuriman—but they’re in the middle of Zaun. The falafel before him likely did not begin life as a chickpea. A pea, maybe. More likely an eyeball.

Azir preens. Across the table his descendant is digging into her meal. Whether it was once human or not doesn’t cross her mind—she’s scooping it all into her mouth with gusto. If he still had brows, he’d raise them.

“Sivir,” he says. “You are the blood of Shurima. You’re an eagle, not a vulture.”

Sivir glances up from her meal for only half a second. She speaks with her mouth full. Another tragedy. “Don’t like Zaunite cuisine?”

“This is hardly cuisine,” he says. “I don’t know why it says gourmet out front. This is not a gourmet restaurant. These are just corpse bits.”

“You can’t prove they’re corpse bits,” Sivir says. “And the price is right.”

“Why are you concerned with price, when the entire empire of Shurima is yours?”

Sivir shoots him a level glare. “Money is always an object,” she says.

Azir opens his beak. Just then their server returns with his order: a side of glazed ham. It’s not Shuriman at all, but it was on the menu, and Azir has plans.

With a chortle he taps his utensils on the table.

“Ah yes,” he says, “it’s ham-mertime.”

He waits for the sweet, sweet sight of Sivir grimacing.

But Sivir’s smirking.

Could it be?

“Isn’t it cannibalism for you to eat that?” Sivir says. “Seeing as you’re such a big ham yourself?”

A single tear trails down Azir’s armor. He rises and embraces her. 

"Truly," he says, "You are my blood."

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Comic #5


Comic #5

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"My honor, my dreams… they’re yours now."

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Why can I not stop laughing at this?



Why can I not stop laughing at this?



Yugioh cover art by real-faker

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